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Underfloor Heating In Redditch

Underfloor heating installers like us at Redditch Prestige Plumbers can be an effective solution for maximising warmth and comfort within both modern new build properties as well as established homes. Our certified expert engineers can install bespoke underfloor heating systems to heat single rooms or entire house floors via hot water piped under your floors.

By spreading and focusing heat slowly upwards, underfloor heating delivers uniform all-round warmth. It eliminates concerns over cold spots, heat stratification and the need to remain in close proximity to radiators. Further benefits include freeing up wall space by removing radiators, lower energy costs, and reduced ambient dust spread and circulation compared with radiators that can perpetuate allergies.

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With two decades of combined experience, our specialists have installed over one thousand hidden underfloor heating systems, expertly accommodating pipe network complexity, thermostats, control valves, insulating layers and floor heating options like tiles, laminate, and vinyl. We can integrate these seamlessly with your existing central heating services for greater choice over how to heat your living spaces.

So if you want to enjoy remarkable comfort while creating a sleek, unobstructed contemporary aesthetic free of bulky radiators, contact our team to learn more about our underfloor heating project! As specialists who specialise in the installation of underfloor heating, we can advise you on the types of underfloor heating that will work best for your home.

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Our Services

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Fully Qualified Engineers

Our underfloor specialists are highly qualified in plumbing, heating and electricals to rigorously current regulations.

Bespoke Design Services

We create tailored plans to efficiently heat any room just the way you want it with options like electric underfloor heating.

Future Proofing

With energy costs rising long-term, underfloor heating remains a highly cost-effective system to run.

Rapid Results

Our teams fully prepare in advance allowing rapid installs with minimal fuss or disruption to your property.

Quality Craftsmanship

We use premium German-engineered materials for reliable, efficient heating you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Exceptional Standards

Our underfloor heating comes with a 10-year warranty providing an extra layer of assurance and protection when using one of the top heating companies and boiler installation specialists in the area.

Why Choose Our Underfloor Heating Services In Redditch?

Choosing Redditch Prestige Plumbers for your underfloor heating installation gives you full confidence thanks to our team of experienced heating engineers:

For high performance hydronic heating delivering outstanding comfort, warmth and value from a name you can depend on, choose us for your underfloor heating needs.

Our Professional Approach

We bring both exceptional expertise and scrupulous diligence when installing underfloor systems and providing underfloor heating repairs using the following best practice process:


We discuss your priorities and heating requirements and assess your existing central heating system or traditional heating systems.

Bespoke Design

Our engineers create a tailored underfloor heating plan maximizing design freedom and efficiency for the spaces based on expected use and temperature preferences.


Before commencing work, we cover and protect all household furnishings and possessions fully to ensure no dust or damage can occur.

Precision Installation

Making use of laser levels for accuracy, we neatly embed purpose-designed heated pipe loops with self regulating heat controls into insulating concrete sub floors or bases.

Testing & Commissioning

Once the underfloor has cured fully, we test water flow temperatures and pressure tolerances thoroughly and balance as required at multiple points.

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Exceptional warmth and comfort is the end result when precision planning meets flawless execution of your new underfloor system. This is our service guarantee.

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Consistent Ambient Warmth

Heat gently rises uniformly across the entire floor area rather than in isolated spots, meaning it can heat the room effectively without cold corners!

Enhanced Comfort

Underfloor heating works in harmony with your natural body temperature for maximum coziness and reduced drafts.

Increased Safety

With no exposed hot surfaces, underfloor heating poses zero risks to children or the mobility impaired compared with upright radiators prone to knocking.

Unrivaled Aesthetics

Say goodbye to bulky radiators cluttering your beautiful living space interiors with heating without radiators!

Dust Reduction

Radiators circulate and spread airborne dust particles triggering allergies. Underfloor heating provides gentler convection lacking this effect for cleaner air quality.

Outstanding Reliability

With our premium components and expert configuration maintaining optimal flow rates, we guarantee reliable and energy efficient warmth for decades.

The Main Benefits of Quality Underfloor Heating

Investing in professionally engineered underfloor heating from recognised specialists delivers numerous benefits of underfloor heating over traditional radiator-based systems:

Trust us for second-to-none underfloor warmth and wellbeing that can help reduce your heating bills.

Average Prices of Underfloor Heating

While the cost of installing underfloor heating can vary on a case by case basis depending on specific requirements, typically you can expect to budget:

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We make adding incredible wet underfloor heating achievable at fair, transparent prices aligned to the scale of your needs. As your local underfloor heating specialists, we can also advise on additional services like new boiler installs and ground source heat pumps to maximize home energy efficiency.

Areas We Serve In Redditch

We install beautiful bespoke underfloor heating solutions for satisfied homeowners across Redditch and surrounding areas in Worcestershire including:

With immense pride in our local heritage spanning over a decade, our Gas Safe certified heating and plumbing engineers understand the pipework intricacies and floor plans of regional homes new and old intimately. Whether you have a modern open concept new build lacking sufficient insulation or a gorgeous historical property in need of underfloor heating, our underfloor heating teams have the expertise to help residential and commercial customers also in Bromsgrove and throughout the West Midlands area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does underfloor heating work with any floor type?

Our water underfloor heating systems and electric coils placed under floors are compatible beneath tiles, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. Carpets can inhibit heat transfer so are not recommended.

What temperature range can your underfloor heating achieve?

Systems are typically designed to maintain between 18-25°C range but this is customizable based requirements.

Can I control heating in different zones of my home?

Yes! Our programmable thermostats coupled with smart actuators allow precise temperature adjustments by room.

Does underfloor heating meet sustainability targets?

Absolutely – modern hydronic systems leveraging renewable energy sources align with sustainability goals through lower consumption than traditional radiators.

How disruptive is installation to my home?

We take great care to fully protect existing fixtures/furnishings. Rapid installation with warm water or electric underfloor heating causes minimal interference, making it suitable for new build and retrofit projects.

What design expertise can you provide?

Our CAD design team produces incredible 3D visualizations mapping appliance locations so you can visualize the possibilities when connecting your gas boiler!

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Trust Redditch Prestige Plumbers For All your Underfloor Heating Needs!

Underfloor heating offers remarkable versatility when it comes to designing perfectly tailored warmth solutions renovating existing rooms or heating new extensions. With smart zoning controllability putting you in command, never waste money heating unused spaces again! Here at Redditch Prestige Plumbers, our hugely experienced engineers have been at the forefront of electric and water underfloor heating innovation in Redditch and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We’ve provided reliable geo-thermal warmth to over 500 delighted local homes and businesses.

From consultation through CAD planning to swift expert installation and handover support, you can trust our exceptional pedigree and workmanship fully thanks to our amazing 10 year assurance guarantee giving you extra peace of mind. To unlock a world of outstanding thermal comfort free from conventional radiators and increase the long-term value of your property this winter, call today for all your plumbing and heating needs, whether residential or commercial! Your underfloor heating journey starts here – get in touch today!