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Gas Safety Certificates in Redditch

At Redditch Prestige Plumbers, we are fully approved Gas Safe Registered engineers qualified to issue landlord and homeowner gas safe certificates. All gas appliances in rental accommodations must be checked annually by an accredited engineer to comply with legal requirement. We perform thorough inspections on boilers, gas cookers, fires and all associated pipework.

Our extensively experienced engineers then issue landlord gas safety certificates detailing the condition of appliances, any defects, and confirm all gas installations meet strict safety standards. We outline requirements should upgrades or repairs be necessary.

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Certificates are provided same-day and supplied to both landlord/agent and the tenant for maximum transparency.

With gas carrying the risk of leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning when devices are poorly fitted or maintained, ensuring the integrity of your gas systems protects you from liability and gives tenants invaluable peace of mind. Our gas safety inspection teams have collectively undertaken over 8,000 checks and are available across Redditch and surrounding areas. We also provide electrical periodic certificates to assure electrical safety.

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Our Services

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Fully Accredited Engineers

All our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered, the mandate certification required to legally inspect gas systems.

Detailed Reports

Our landlord certificates don’t just confirm pass or fail. We provide descriptions of all appliances, parts examined and any defects.

Same Day Certificate Issue

Once the inspection is complete, we supply the compliance certificate to all parties without delay.

Free Quotes & Fast Response

We provide no obligation quotes and aim to be on-site within 24 hours of your call to schedule inspections to ensure all gas appliances meet standards.

Extended Validity Period

Our gas safety certificate services are valid for exceptional durations up to 2 years from the date of issue compared to just 1 year typically.

Fair Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Our upfront pricing ensures great value from a trusted local business without nasty surprises.

Why Choose Our Gas Safety Certificates Services in Redditch?

Choosing Redditch Prestige Plumbers for your annual gas safety certificate or record inspection and certification provides many advantages:

Our highly experienced Gas Safe registered engineers specialise in providing independent inspection of your property to check all gas appliances thoroughly.

Our Professional Approach

We undertake all aspects of gas safety certificates and certification to impeccable standards:

Appointment Confirmation

We confirm the date/time of the inspection via phone call, allowing clients the chance to raise any central heating or boiler service concerns.

Walkthrough & Assessment 

Our engineer will conduct a methodical inspection of all gas installations at the property, checking pipe positioning, appliances are safe, ventilation etc. We examine boilers inside out.

Testing & Detection

Making use of specialist leak detection fluids and fume testing, we rigorously assess for any signs of leaks or issues that require immediate remediation.

Part Replacement

If deterioration or standard failures become evident during testing, we will replace parts like regulators or igniters promptly to restore safety.

Certificate Creation

Once satisfied appliances are fully safe and operational, we compile a comprehensive gas safety certificate detailing our findings from the extensive inspection.

gas safety certificates Worcestershire B98 redditch

Landlords are required by law to ensure rental properties comply. We perform independent and fair safety and quality governed inspections systematically by accredited professionals. This is our guarantee.

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Enhanced Safety

Faulty appliances endanger occupants through risk of explosions, leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Checks ensure optimal operation.


Certificates prove all legal landlord obligations are met, protecting you from penalties of up to £6000 from local authorities.

Trust & Reassurance

Tenants have confidence their living space meets stringent safety standards, putting minds at ease.

Emergency Repairs

If our inspection identifies any appliance defects requiring immediate repair, we will carry out repairs swiftly to replace parts and restore safe functionality.

Valid Documentation

Our certificates provide legally valid documentation of the property and your gas safety system condition should issues ever occur down the line.


We can remind customers automatically when certificates are nearing expiry to arrange your next inspection and provide gas safety certificates that date and comply with regulations when letting your property.

The Main Benefits of Quality gas safety certificates

Ensuring your rental properties or family home complies with annual gas safety inspection regulations provides immense peace of mind and protection. Further key benefits include:

Regular professional gas safety checks deliver wellbeing for all parties through rigorous attention to detail.

Average Prices Of Gas Safety Certificates

We aim to provide exceptional gas safety inspections and certification at fair, affordable pricing:

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Pricing varies based on the number of gas appliances requiring inspection. We provide fixed quotes upfront so you know the certificate cost with no hidden surprises after inspection completion. We are pleased to offer discounts for combined annual boiler service and gas safety checks also. Any additional repairs to fix defects are quoted seperately onsite if extra work is needed after our engineer inspects your gas meter and appliances. 

Areas We Serve In Redditch

We conduct professional landlord gas safety inspections and provides legally compliant certificates for rental properties and residential homes across Redditch and surrounding areas and the greater local area, including West Midlands regions:

We can schedule appointments promptly and have engineers on standby for emergency call outs within the hour 24/7 in the event any urgent, potentially dangerous defects are identified. From city centre flats to remote rural cottages, we have the skills, resources and inspection teams available to verify and document the safety of your gas appliances. For professionalism you can depend on, choose Redditch Prestige Plumbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do rental properties require gas certificate inspections?

Legally, rental accommodations must undergo gas safety checks annually as a minimum to comply with regulations. We recommend biannual inspections for enhanced safety.

Do you check all gas appliances or just boilers?

Our inspections are comprehensive. We examine the full array of gas systems including boilers, hobs, ovens, fires and associated pipework for leaks, corrosion, functionality.

How long does an average inspection take?

For a 3 bedroom home, we typically require 60-90 minutes to meticulously inspect all gas installations and verify sound operation.

Can tenants refuse access when I arrange inspections?

By law, tenants cannot refuse access but we advise providing them adequate prior notice. We allow flexibility to reschedule if reasonable.

Do you provide reminders for landlord safety certificates?

Yes, we can automatically remind you when gas safety certificates are nearing expiry based on the installation and use date so you stay legally compliant as a landlord letting a property. For any questions about working for installing or maintaining rental property gas supplies, please get in touch!

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Trust Redditch Prestige Plumbers For All Your Gas Safety Certificates Needs!

Ensuring the complete safety compliance of the gas appliances and networks on your rental properties or in your own home should never be underestimated. Don’t put your tenants or family at risk – stay on the right side of stringent UK regulations.  Our Gas Safe accredited engineers have the advanced training, experience and duty of care to perform gold standard gas inspections across Redditch and the surrounding areas. We examine every component meticulously, using professional grade leak detection methods for maximum accuracy. Our comprehensive homeowner gas safety certificate reports deliver complete clarity on the exact status of your systems. We also offer discounts when combined with your regular boiler service to save money and ensure appliances are fully serviced this year.

For exemplary gas safety checks reflecting impeccable attention to detail paired with excellent value, transparent pricing and same day documentation of the inspection carried out every 12 months, we are the local experts you need whether renting out a property or a seller selling a home. Call Redditch Prestige Plumbers today to schedule an inspection and certification giving you true peace of mind. Your safety is our highest concern.