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It doesn’t matter if you just need help with installing your new boiler or you are looking for other types of gas services. It is important to make sure that you only hire Gas Safe Registered installers to do the job. Here at Redditch Prestige Plumbers, you can have the assurance that every installer in our team is guaranteed and certified by the Gas Safe Register.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register refers to the list of all qualified engineers in the UK. It replaced CORGI in 2009 as the country’s gas registration body. The main goal is to protect people from all forms of unsafe gas works by putting in place specific regulations and rules for the engineers to follow.

If you are among the millions of homeowners in the UK that has a primary gas connection, it is important for you to know what the Gas Safe Register is all about. This industry standard will help you stay safe when seeking services to repair or upgrade gas related products.

The list includes all installation companies and installers who have the necessary qualifications to work on different LPG or gas appliances that include installation, maintenance, repair, and servicing.

By law, all gas engineers who work in the United Kingdom should be actively registered on Gas Safe Register for them to work on LPG, oil, and gas appliances.



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Any installer who is registered will never be able to perform work safely when working on appliances. The latest research conducted by the Gas Safe Register found that nearly 96% of illegal gas jobs were discovered to be unsafe and that can obviously pose serious danger to you, your family, and your property.

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It is likely that poor workmanship will end up causing damages to your appliances and this can result to more expensive repairs down the road. If your appliances were made dangerous because of an illegal fitter that can lead to risks of explosion or even CO or carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you choose a Gas Safe Registered installer, you will have the full confidence that you are working with a trustworthy, inspected, and qualified engineer who is going to do their very best to make sure that your home remains warm, healthy, and safe.

What Does Gas Safe Registration Tell You about an Installer?

An installer must complete several important requirements in order for them to become a part of the Gas Safe register. The requirements include the following:

  • Relevant qualifications – An installer must complete an SVQ or NVQ or must be awarded a QCF or ACS to deliver work that meets the requisite national standard.
  • Recent qualifications – A Gas Safe registered installer is also required to undergo retraining every 5 years for their registration to be maintained. It means that they remain updated with the newest safety practices and requirements.
  • Fuel-based qualifications – Aside from the basic requirements of Gas Safe, there are also installers who have finished additional training for them to work on other types of fuels like oil or LPG.
  • Completed probation – Every Gas Safe business is required to go through a probationary period for 3 months. During this time, Gas Safe register is going to inspect and review all the performed works. The business can only leave the probation after they passed the inspections.

Businesses are required to renew the registration every year and must also have a Gas Safe registration card that is in date and valid before performing any type of job at your home.

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Always Choose A Registered Gas Installer

The number one role of a Gas Safety registered installer is to protect property and life. Gas Safety registered installers are going to check the meter to make sure that there won’t be any drops of pressure that are outside Gas Safety Regulation. If it does happen, however, they will check and remedy any leaks. Here at Redditch Prestige Plumbers, our goal is to assign to you one of the Gas Safe registered installers in our team to come to your house and ensure that your home is safe for you and your whole family.

We have listed several of the top reason why it is important for you to work and hire a Gas Safe registered installer. If you are looking for a Gas Safe registered installer in Redditch, check our contact information and get in touch with us right away.


As far as gas appliances are concerned, they could become quite dangerous, specifically because there is always the risk that they can potentially leak harmful carbon monoxide or even start a fire. By hiring our Gas Safe registered installers, you can have assurance that you are working with people who are qualified to perform gas works that should be done at your home.


Every Gas Safe registered installer carries out their job to the highest levels of standard. Excellent customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and this is the reason why our Gas Safe registered installers have their work checked on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the highest level of standards.


As mentioned earlier, customer satisfaction is extremely important. Gas Safe registered installers have the qualifications and experience to provide quality work that meets your standards.


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