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Emergency Plumbers in Redditch

Emergency plumbing issues can cause tremendous stress and disruption to homes and businesses in Redditch. When you have no running water, a burst pipe flooding your property, or a blocked drain backing up sewage, you need an experienced emergency plumber to respond quickly and fix the problem.

At Redditch Prestige Plumbers, we understand the panic you feel when faced with a plumbing catastrophe in the middle of the night or on a weekend. We provide a rapid-response 24 hour emergency plumbing service across Redditch and the surrounding areas.

B98 emergency plumbers Worcestershire redditch

Whether you have a leaking pipe, no hot water, or a blocked toilet, we will dispatch a vetted Redditch emergency plumber to your property within the hour to make safe and repair general plumbing installations. Our plumbers are fully qualified to find the faults in your plumbing and drainage systems and carry out lasting repairs to get your facilities working again with minimum disruption.

As a fully licensed plumbing company, we have the experience and expertise to handle any plumbing job, whether it’s drain cleaning, pipe repairs, or plumbing and heating system issues. Trust us to provide emergency assistance when you need it most.

B98 redditch Worcestershire emergency plumbers

Our Services

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Rapid Response in Under 60 Minutes

We understand the stress a plumbing emergency causes. Our rapid response time gets a qualified plumber to your property within the hour, day or night, to make safe installations and stop any flooding damage.

Fully Certified 24/7 Plumbers

All our plumbers are gas safe registered to carry out emergency repairs on leaking pipes, burst tanks & cylinders, blocked drains, no water/heating, pump issues, and more.

Latest Equipment & Techniques

We invest heavily in state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and tools to carry out lasting repairs first time. Our plumbers and heating engineers are fully trained on the latest methods.

Fair & Competitive Prices

With no call fees and upfront fixed quotes, our 24-hour emergency pricing is very competitive. We do not exploit customers with inflated emergency charges.

Why Choose Our Emergency Plumbers Services in Redditch?

With over 30 years of experience providing plumbing services in Redditch, we have earned a reputation as the most reliable and cost-effective plumbers in the region. Here are some key reasons to choose our services when faced with a plumbing problem:

If you need a trusted plumber in Redditch or local areas, call our 24/7 hotline and speak to one of our friendly controllers. We will dispatch a fully certified plumber urgently to your property to carry out plumbing and heating services.

Our Professional Approach

We understand that plumbing emergencies cause tremendous stress and disruption. Our emergency plumbers aim to provide a caring, professional service to relieve your worries and get your facilities working again properly.

Initial Call

Our call controllers are trained to obtain key details on the emergency issues you face, location, contacts etc. This helps us dispatch the most suitable plumber with relevant parts/tools.

Arrival onsite

Our qualified plumbers aim to reach your property within the hour depending on location. They will introduce themselves and provide complete reassurance


The local plumber will carry out a thorough check of the affected installations and determine the faults causing loss of supply, leaks or blockages etc.


We aim to provide a written quotation for the repair and boiler servicing work required before starting. If extensive delays are unacceptable, we may provide the quote after making safe.

Repairs Commence

With approval, our professional plumbers start work urgently using the latest techniques and equipment to complete emergency boiler repairs to professional standards.


We carefully reinstate any flooring, decoration etc that requires removal to fix underlying pipework during repairs. Our plumbers take pride leaving properties clean and with great service.

emergency B98 Worcestershire plumbers redditch

Our professional approach has earned us a first-class reputation across Redditch. We stand by our emergency work with written guarantees for complete peace of mind.

emergency plumbers Worcestershire B98 redditch

Prevent Flooding

Burst pipes and overflows can gush hundreds of litres of water rapidly. Our plumbers isolate main feeds and stop the flooding instantly to limit damage to your home.

Avoid Sewage Backflows

Blocked drainage systems can back-up contaminated effluent quickly. Our rapid unblocking avoids foul flows inside properties from the local drain.

Maintain Accessibility

With bathroom, kitchen or toilet facilities unusable, we appreciate this can be distressing. Our emergency repairs restore full accessibility rapidly.

Protect Health

From illness to slipping hazards, water leaks and sewage leaks present health risks. Rapid fixing by our plumbers prevents any issues.

Stop Pipe Deterioration

Unresolved leaks from joints and fractures worsen over time. Prompt repairs prevent piping failures inside walls/floors of central heating systems.

Avoid Disruption

No heating, hot water or drainage facilities disrupt home life and business operations. Our expert repairs get complete plumbing working reliably again.

Limit Costs

Left unchecked emergency issues like floods multiply costs hugely for boiler and heating repairs and redecoration etc. Our swift fixes minimise expenditure on your radiator.

The Main Benefits of Quality Emergency Plumbers

Reacting quickly to plumbing emergencies can prevent severe flooding, health risks from contaminated water, business disruption and huge costs from major damage to your home. Our company provide the following benefits:

For over three decades our plumbers in Redditch have provided a rapid, caring and highly professional service maintaining the plumbing integrity of residential and commercial properties across the region.

Average Prices of Emergency Plumbers

With 30 years’ presence in Redditch, we have aimed to provide plumbing repairs at fair and transparent prices. With no call fees, our charges reflect the true extent of work and parts needed to complete repairs after making safe initially. Here is a general guide to what you can expect to pay for our emergency plumber’s services:

plumbers B98 redditch Worcestershire emergency
plumbers redditch B98 Worcestershire emergency

These are general guide prices only excluding specialist bathrooms and obscure parts that may need ordering. Formal quotes will be provided once the plumber has diagnosed issues on-site after making safe initially. At Redditch Prestige Plumbers we pride ourselves on transparency over emergency plumbing charges. 

Areas We Serve In Redditch

We primarily provide rapid response coverage to residential and commercial customers across Redditch and the neighbouring regions of Worcestershire including:

We will also extend coverage more widely across Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands depending on demand and availability 24 hours a day. Should your emergency cover any of the Redditch postcodes and regions listed, please call our 24/7 hotline for immediate assistance from our emergency plumbing team. We will respond rapidly throughout Redditch to secure facilities and avoid disruption plus damage to property that need to be repaired when you need a local plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you respond?

We aim to have a plumber on-site within 60 minutes depending on location in the Redditch area. We understand delays worsen property damage.

What types of work is covered?

All essential plumbing – leaking/burst pipes, overflow issues, no water supply, blocked drains, sewage backflows, leaks, broken fixtures/tanks.

Can you provide permanent repairs?

Yes, our fully certified plumbers carry spare parts and tools to complete lasting repairs legally and safely after isolating initially.

What areas do you cover?

Primarily all regions of Redditch but we extend across Worcestershire depending on availability. Callouts further afield may incur surcharges.

What about evenings/weekends?

Our emergency plumbing service operates 24/7 every day. Out of hours work does not incur extra call out fees.

plumbers redditch Worcestershire B98 emergency

How are jobs priced?

Fairly – no hidden charges. Call outs are free. We then provide fixed quotes for work based on hourly rates plus parts/materials before commencing.

My insurer needs invoices?

Absolutely. Our admin team handles all paperwork providing detailed invoices with certification as required by insurers.

Can you deal with specialist bathrooms/suites?

Yes our plumbers have experience in high end bathroom installation service including steam rooms and luxury water systems.

Still have an urgent question?

Call an emergency plumber now on our 24/7 plumbing hotline and one of our friendly team will assist. We have fully qualified gas safe plumbers available to service gas appliances.

redditch emergency plumbers B98 Worcestershire

Trust Redditch Prestige Plumbers For All Your Emergency Plumbers Needs!

Facing sudden plumbing catastrophes can be extremely worrying for homeowners and businesses across Redditch. Failed heating systems, blocked drainage, burst pipes, and leaks can all lead to flooding, health hazards plus loss of facilities. Our experienced team of rapid response emergency plumbers have been supporting the city for over 30 years – making safe and completing lasting repairs across all types of Redditch property. With our 24/7 call out availability, specialist equipment, fair pricing and caring approach – you can rely on us to respond urgently to plumbing issues minimising damage and disruption at already stressful times. Whether in the early hours or middle of holidays – we aim to have a fully certified local plumber with you within the hour for immediate support 365 days a year.

So for a fast, dependable high quality emergency plumbing service across Redditch, call us anytime and speak to one of our friendly controllers. We will dispatch the most suitable plumber to your address with an extensive range of spare parts to complete repairs promptly. Trust us to relieve your worries and get faulty plumbing functioning properly once again with excellent service from our gas safe registered plumbers available to offer fast response 24/7.