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Are you starting to notice some problems with your boiler at home?
Boilers are among those appliances that people often install and forget.

Unfortunately, your boiler can actually cause some serious problems within your home. If your boiler works perfectly fine, it can give you the heating solutions and hot water you need.

However, the moment it gets damaged, it can easily lead to water damage and sheer inconvenience for you and your whole family.
At Redditch Prestige Plumbers, we provide our customers with efficient boiler repair, service, and new boiler installations. No job is too small and we ensure all our customers get the very best service. This is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Boiler Repair Redditch

Boilers are hot water heaters that circulate the water through radiators and pipes for your home to stay warm and cozy. Steam boilers are no longer as common in modern houses unlike hot water boilers. Their engineering constraints are also different. If your house is using radiant heat from the floor or ceiling, your home is being heated up by a hot water boiler. Another notable different between the different kinds of boilers is the way heat is generated.

But, no matter type of boiler you are using at home, if something happens to it, the first thing you will notice, is that your home is losing heat. It can be quite troublesome, especially during the winter months when there is a critical need for sufficient heating. Our experts will be able to remedy your boiler issues in the most professional, affordable and efficient way possible.


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Boiler Installation & Servicing In Redditch

Even if your boiler doesn’t need servicing, it can still benefit you by getting a regular sevice to prevent potential problems later on in your boiler’s life. Once you choose to work with us, you can easily schedule regular boiler service visits from our engineers, to help your unit stay in the best condition, eliminating any future (potentially expensive) issues.

Scheduling a routine boiler service with us is very easy and is also essential in making sure that your unit is running efficiently and safely. During our boiler service, our team visit your property and conduct a series of efficiency and safety checks.


Signs Your Boiler Needs Replacing

Common Boiler Problems to Watch Out For
  • Intermittent functionality If your boiler keeps turning off and on and only works sporadically, you know there is a problem. It can be the result of several issues and an expert diagnosis is necessary to identify the underlying issue.
  • Circulatory issue Circulatory problems are the most common issues when servicing boilers. This is when the unit no longer sends steam or hot water through the radiators. This can make your house uncomfortable and cold. Although this is a common problem, it is not always easy to diagnose. Don’t worry though, as our engineers go through specific processes to identify the exact cause of the problem
  • Strange smells or banging noises damp smells or knocking sounds coming from your boiler are common signs of a buildup of residue or an improper PH balance of the boilers water. Our expert plumbers can help address this issue and restore the water quality in no time.
  • While these are just some of the problems that might cause serious damage to your boiler, these are the main ones you will see and encounter most often. When your unit has any problem or issue, it is important that you give our professionals a call and allow them to diagnose the problem with no time wasted. You can count on them to give you the highest quality of boiler repair services. Our service is unrivalled and aim to be the best in all the services we offer. Contact us today for an expert boiler repair service.
New Boiler Redditch
New Boiler Redditch

Emergency Boiler Repair

There are many reasons we recommend to have your boiler serviced on an annual basis. Here are just a few:


During a boiler service, our team will get the chance to pinpoint safety concerns like a potential carbon monoxide leak. In case you don’t know, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can quickly lead to brain damage or in worse cases, even death. If you are worried that your unit no longer works properly, such as when the flame’s color is orange instead of blue, it is important to contact our team right away even when your annual service is not due.

Prevent unwanted breakdowns

It is all too easy to put off scheduling your boiler service, hoping that you can save yourself some money. However, after time, a checkup will actually help reduce your energy bills and spot any potential problems before they can lead to much more damaging issues. This can save you from expensive repairs, ultimately saving your money in the long-run.

Lower your heating bills

As your boiler gets old, the energy output will decrease and this in turn means that your boiler will need more fuel to heat your home to your required temperature. This will result in a much higher heating bill. A yearly boiler service can ensure that every component of your unit is in tiptop shape and provides a higher efficiency level for longer.

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When properly maintained, a traditional boiler can last for 10 to 15 tears. When your existing heating system is already around this age, chances are you are already experiencing some issues with it. Leaking is one of the most common boiler problems that can often be observed in older units.

Make sure that you call our experts right away if you hear any loud bangs or knocking noises from your boiler or if you notice that the pilot light doesn’t stay on.

Boiler Swaps

We provide expert new boiler installations. Once we have identified that your existing boiler is already damaged beyond repair, we will suggest a complete boiler replacement instead. Modern heating units today already come with more enhanced features for safety and energy efficiency. Our team will be more than happy to help and guide you in choosing a unit that best suits your home, your needs, and your budget.

Make sure that you call our friendly team today and get any boiler services in your home, done right!