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Blocked Drains in Redditch

Fed up with slow-flowing water, nasty odours or water pooling around your property indicating a potential blockage? We feel your pain. Drain obstructions and fatbergs can happen suddenly, causing extensive flooding and waterlogged gardens or damage inside the home unless cleared rapidly.

At Redditch Prestige Plumbers, our experts provide a 24/7 rapid response blocked drain clearance service across Redditch. We have state-of-the-art CCTV drain cameras that can swiftly pinpoint the drain blockage location.

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We then use specialised high-powered jetting equipment and flexi-rods to carefully break up and clear the nastiest blockages, fat deposits, roots, debris to ensure your drains freely flowing correctly once again.

With over 500 successful emergency drain unblocking jobs completed locally and thousands across the Midlands, you can trust our certified plumbers to solve blocked drains at an affordable price. We always advise customers on best practices to reduce future blockage recurrence too. As a reputable drainage company providing superior drainage services, we have the tools, experience and workmanship to handle any drainage problems.

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Our Services

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Rapid Response

We get engineers to you within just 60 minutes for emergency call-out service. No waiting around days.

High Powered Equipment

Our industrial drain jetters can clear even the toughest root infiltrations and years of buildup quickly.

CCTV Drain Surveys

We locate the obstruction source precisely for focused clearance using our cctv surveys.

Bio-Degradable Drain Treatments

We actively break down residue grease and grime post clearance to aid drain cleaning service.

Fixed Price Quotes

With no call out fees and transparent quotes, we make swift unblock drains cost-effective.

Free Follow-Up Checks

We revisit on complementary reassessment calls to verify drains remain unobstructed.

Why Choose Our Blocked Drains Services In Redditch?

Choosing Redditch Prestige Plumbers for drain clearance provides you peace of mind thanks to:

Don’t tolerate another day of drainage woes, risk further flooding or pay over the odds. Call the Redditch specialists today for priority assistance! Our fully equipped teams are ready 24/7.

Our Professional Approach

At Redditch Prestige Plumbers, we methodically clear blocked drains via:


First, we use our remote-controlled CCTV drain cameras to thoroughly inspect the drainage system pipes and identify any breach points, obstacles or trapped debris causing bottlenecks.

Localized Jetting

We direct pinpointed blasts of high powered water through strategic access points to disintegrate and flush away years of compacted residue quickly and efficiently as possible.

Root Cutting 

 For drains blocked by invading roots or tree branches, we carefully trim back using mechanical cutters to restore unobstructed flow paths without risking pipework damage.

Degreasing Agents

We administer specialized drain cleaning solutions filled with enzymes that actively digest fatty oils and soap buildup that accumulate over time, keeping drains residue-free post clearance.

Follow-Up Checks

As part of our work guaranteed service, we revisit on complementary calls to verify drains remain free-flowing using camera checks.

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The end result – drains cleansing from all by the toughest obstructions for lasting reliability and peace of mind. Our fully trained experts have the tools and professionalism essential for superior drain unblocking in Redditch.

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Swift Flood Prevention

We respond ultra-rapidly to clear fatbergs before extensive backups and overflowing occurs, mitigating costly water damage.

Eliminates Nasty Odours

Blocked drains become breeding grounds for toxins, bacteria and methane gas responsible for putrid smells. We fix the problem at the source for freshness.

Averts Sewage Contamination

We help stop stagnant drainage contents back-flowing into your home, garage or garden preventing serious illness risks from the sewer.

Protects Foundations

By ensuring water freely flows away from your property, we prevent prolonged pooling and erosion around foundations.

Saves on Plumbing Bills

Rather than expensive excavations or drain replacements, our specialist unblocking techniques unblock drains cost-effectively restore flow. We also provide gutter cleaning services.

The Main Benefits of Quality blocked drains

Having an experienced blocked drain specialist like Redditch Prestige Plumbers handle your drainage emergencies provides immense home and health protection:

Don’t take chances with health or home. Trust our rapid response for cleaner, clearer drains in no time. Call our Redditch drain unblocking experts today!

Average Prices of Blocked Drains

Having to pay for expensive emergency plumbing is never fun, which is why Redditch Prestige Plumbers offer upfront pricing with exceptional value:

Worcestershire B98 redditch blocked drains

As with most plumbing issues, charges vary based on urgency, complexity and engineers/equipment required for drainage unblocking. Home insurance policies can offset costs too. We also provide free on-site consultations and inspections to assess and accurately quote drain repairs prior to commencing work. Unblocking nasty drains is an essential service we are committed to making viable for all Redditch drainage residents. 

Areas We Serve In Redditch

Redditch Prestige Plumbers offers 24-hour emergency drain clearance services in Redditch plus nearby regions whenever disaster strikes, including:

With immense experience tackling chronic drainage issues plaguing Redditch and surrounding areas year after year, our knowledgeable engineers understand regional pipework intricacies letting us accurately pinpoint and unblock drains in Redditch promptly regardless of age, layout or complexity.

We have all essential industrial drain jetters, cutting gear, degreasers and cameras on standby round the clock allowing rapid deployment across the entire Redditch area and even into Birmingham at a moment’s notice if you need your drains cleared quickly. Our services cater to both residential and commercial premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you respond to an emergency?

We have dedicated standby crews available 24/7. Our average emergency response time is under one hour. We can often dispatch engineers straight away.

What drain clearance methods do your engineers use?

We utilize industrial-grade water jetting, mechanical root cutting, vacuum extraction and drain degreasers for assured clearance. We also use CCTV cameras to inspect drains.

How do I prevent my drains blocking again in future?

We advise adjusting cooking habits, installing drain guards, limiting oil use, avoiding harsh chemicals and regular service checks.

Can your drain jetting equipment clear roots?

Absolutely, we have high powered rotating root cutting attachments perfect for invasive root removal without risking pipe damage during drain unblocking.

Do I need to purchase home insurance to get coverage?

No. As a reputable emergency service we are able to provide support to all. Some insurers offer post-incident reimbursements. We highly recommend contacting our Redditch drainage specialists.

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Trust Redditch Prestige Plumbers For All Your Blocked Drain Needs!

Blocked drains should never be ignored. Avoid learning the hard way how swiftly stagnant drainage water can flood gardens or basements causing untold damage. By leveraging our advanced cameras, industrial jetters and degreasing solutions we can rapidly restore free flow before calamity strikes. Here at Redditch Prestige Plumbers, through meticulous planning and preparation our teams are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle the very worst fatbergs, debris compacted pipes, invasive tree root infiltrations and grease accumulations. You name it, we can clear it efficiently.

Don’t waste money attempting faulty home remedies yourself or pay outrageous weekend plumber premiums to emergency drainage engineers in Redditch with slow response times and dated equipment. For ultra-reliable drain unblocking across Redditch, call the trusted local experts with proven results at fair pricing. With immense expertise tackling any and all drainage issues promptly, you are guaranteed fast arrival and resolution from our vastly experienced crews. Contact us now for superior service!