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Cost of Fitting a Bathroom UK

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Info provided by plumbing company Redditch Prestige Plumbers: One of the most common forms of home renovations done in the UK is none other than bathroom fitting. Trying to do this job on your own might help lower the initial costs. However, you have to remember that it can be a very complex process to fit a new […]

How Kitchen Sink Plumbing Works UK

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Several basic elements make up kitchen sink plumbing. The primary parts of kitchen sinks include the pipes for cold water supply, the pipes for hot water supply, the drain and the waste pipes. But as expected, things are a little bit more complex than this. How does your kitchen sink plumbing work, then? (If your […]

How Much Does Plumbing Cost for a New Bathroom UK?

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How much does plumbing cost for a new bathroom in the UK? It doesn’t matter if you simply want to revamp an existing area or you are creating one in the new extension of your home, it is important to know how much you will spend for the project. As far as your new bathroom […]

How to Repair Plumbing in a Mobile Home or Caravan UK

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Mobile home or caravan plumbing systems are essential during your travels in the UK, especially if you plan to go on trips to remote rural areas. Since off the grid locations often have limited access to clean water, it is extremely important to ensure that your caravan or mobile home plumbing performs properly and efficiently. […]

Plumbing Cost for Kitchen Remodel & Renovation UK

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A kitchen fitting and renovation is a great way to update your kitchen and fit it with all the modern and latest fixtures and features. Plumber can charge you £40 to £60 per hour for plumbing your kitchen remodel and renovation. However, many kitchen fitters already incorporate the job in their total quotation. The average cost to […]