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Prices and Costs of Replacing a Boiler UK

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Boiler replacement is one of the most significant investments that you will be making at one point as a homeowner in the UK. Sadly, it can be quite a challenge to choose the right boiler for your home because of all the different deals and options available today on the market.

UK homeowners usually face a difficult decision of shopping for a reliable and cost-efficient boiler. What are the different types of boilers out there? What pros and cons does each of these types have to offer? What can be considered as a fair price for getting a replacement boiler?

Your boiler serves as the heart of your UK home and this particular piece of machinery can be quite complicated.

This is why it is pretty much understandable that new boilers don’t come cheap and their prices may vary a lot depending on the specific brands, types, and sizes available. The price of a new boiler typically ranges from as low as £500 up to £2,500. Since this is not a cheap expense, it is important to get the facts straight before you go out and buy a replacement for your old unit.

But, you need to take note that the costs of boiler installation and boiler replacement are often compensated in the form of the savings that you will get to enjoy courtesy of your new and more energy-efficient boiler. It is estimated that about half of your energy expenses per year all boils down to the boiler you are using.

Average Cost of Boiler Replacement

The costs of boilers will vary a lot based on several factors such as the boiler or size capacity, the type, and brand of boiler you choose.

The plumber is going to install a brand new boiler with the assumption that there are going to be minimal modifications in pipework that will be required during the job. The existing wall thermostats and controls will be used again but TRVs are going to be installed as a part of the overall installation project.

The installation cost may range from £1,750 up to £3,000 which depends on the size of the company that will carry out the installation work and the rest of the regional factors. Smaller and single-proprietor businesses tend to have lower overhead costs, which makes it possible for them to provide more competitive pricing.

Considerations When Shopping for a Replacement Boiler

Every homeowner has a different and unique motivation for replacing their boilers. Some do it because their old boiler already broke while others have plans to add an extension and would need a new boiler to keep up with the increased demand.

During your search for a new boiler, the following are some of the things you should consider:

  • Boiler type
  • Fuel type
  • Available space for installation
  • Hot water requirements of the household

All of these factors can help you make the decision on which boiler best suits your requirements.

It can be quite challenging to replace a boiler and your family may be put at risk if you do it wrong. Hiring a reliable gas engineer or plumber is the first step you need to take to ensure a safe and proper replacement of your boiler.