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Plumbing Cost for Kitchen Remodel & Renovation UK

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kitchen fitting and renovation is a great way to update your kitchen and fit it with all the modern and latest fixtures and features.

Plumber can charge you £40 to £60 per hour for plumbing your kitchen remodel and renovation. However, many kitchen fitters already incorporate the job in their total quotation.

The average cost to remodel or renovate a kitchen in the UK can vary depending on t he size. For example, a medium-sized kitchen will cost you around £6,000 to £8,000. Even though this price point may sound reasonable enough for your new fitted kitchen, take note that this estimate is only for basic designs.

It will also only probably include wall and base units and worktop. Sink and appliances will be considered as extras as well as other additional work like plumbing, flooring, plastering, decorating, and electrical. This means that the final cost may be more expensive than a rough estimate provided by a plumbing company.

Average Costs of Kitchen Renovation and Remodel

Getting a new kitchen can set you back at around £10,000 or higher depending on how big or small the space is, the specifications, number of applications, costs of installation, quality of chosen materials, and the area where you live in.

It is not really easy to pinpoint and determine the exact costs involved in this project because even though you can buy simple flat-pack kitchen units for less than £1,000 then go DIY to fit it, higher-end kitchens tend to be more complicated and are often of higher quality that come with understandably higher price tags.

Options including professional-style taps, multi-oven range cookers, stone worktops, quality kitchen units, and others will all be included in the final costs. This is why you need to consider the finish and quality you aim for right from the get-go.

For instance, you should be ready to spend anywhere around £10,000 to get a top-of-the-line professional style range while more basic models can be as low as £650. The kitchen worktops can also significantly vary with composite or natural stone at around £300 to £350 per linear metre and laminate costs £30 per linear metre.

You also need to set aside some budget for the smaller fittings like the hinges for the unit doors even if many kitchens already come as standard these days with soft-close hinges. There are still companies that charge about £35 to £50 per drawer and £20 per door just to get them installed.

Kitchen remodels and renovations are the best ways to boost the overall value of your property or home. This is what makes it one of the worthwhile investments you can ever make. Renovations and remodels can update your old kitchen and transform it to the kitchen of your dreams.

When searching for the plumber for your kitchen remodel and renovation in the UK, make sure that you request for a minimum of three quotes so that you can get more accurate assessments of how much your project will cost before you make your final decision.