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How Much Does Plumbing Cost for a Swimming Pool UK?

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A swimming pool is probably not one of those things that you might think of as far as a British garden is concerned. The infamous poor climate and turbulent weather doesn’t make it that enticing to take a dip in an outdoor pool. An indoor pool, on the other hand, comes with staggering costs.

But, what if you want to have your own outdoor pool? How much will it cost you to get one?

Cost of Outdoor In-Ground Pools

Traditional swimming pools are in-ground models that let you enjoy a seamless walk across the patio to head straight into the warm and cosy waters waiting for you. This is the perfect epitome of a dream come true.

There are lots of chic and innovative modern designs that let you create stunning pools that include those built under your garden and comes with a functioning hard cover to get the best out of the outdoor space.

In-ground pools have varied costs. For instance, you can often get budget self-build start kits for as low as £5,000. But, if your plan is to handle the project on your own, it is necessary to have a good building knowledge in order to get the job running. You also need to decide on the exact budget you are willing to spend since if you will consider all the excavation work, labour, and additional costs, it will be better to hire a professional team to come to your home and install your swimming pool for you.

For simple in-ground liners, the cost of installing a pool starts at about £15,000. If you prefer something flashier and more luxurious, you should be ready to spend at least £25,000 to enjoy your mosaic tiled concrete pool.

While it may sound quite expensive, this will give you more peace of mind knowing that your pool is installed the right way, especially when you are not confident about your DIY skills. Aside from that, if you consider all the possible leaks and other potential issues you might face if you install the pool on your own, going the DIY route might end up as a false economy.

Cost of Outdoor Above-Ground Pools

If you prefer a simpler pool, an above-ground product will probably be a wiser choice for you. These also happen to be the cheapest choice and are perfect if you want to keep your costs down as much as possible. Removing these pools is also easier so while the value of your property may suffer a bit because of a badly positioned swimming pool, it won’t cause a problem as serious as that of in-ground models.

Most above-ground pools are available at relatively cheap prices starting at £2,500 for 12ft by 24ft products. If you are not an experienced DIY, these pools are quite easy to build on your own, which means that you can make the most out of your pool with no need to break the bank.

Hiring the right plumbers can give you the assurance that you will have a beautiful and functional British pool you can be proud of.