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How Much Do Emergency Plumbers Cost UK?

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Panic is the first emotion that you probably feel when some sort of plumbing emergency occurs. But, once things calm down, that is the only time that will have to think about what the issue means for your wallet.

Cost of Emergency Plumbing in the UK

The cost of hiring boiler installation expertsheating engineers and emergency plumbers in the UK can vary depending on the specific issue concerned, how complex the job is, your location in the country, and the extra materials required to finish the work.

Standard plumbers typically charge anywhere between £200 up to £350 per day in labour. The standard call out fee is at £40 to £60.

On the other hand, the call-out fee of emergency plumbers is charged at 2.5 up to 3 times the average rate of standard call-out charge that ranges from £100 to £180. This also covers the initial 60 or 30 minutes of work that depends on the specific company hired to do the job.

There are four key factors that determine the cost of emergency plumbing repair. These include the distance of the job from the location of the plumber, how complicated the job is, how long the work will take that can be charged per hour or at the day rate of the plumber, and the costs of the required parts.

The cost that will be quoted will be further divided into two more parts, namely the day or hourly rate and the callout charge. There might also be an extra cost that will be added to your overall bill if there is any need to order some parts required for finishing the job.

Aside from this, your final bill will also be affected by the specific type of the day or time of the year. A call out at 3 in the morning or Christmas Day will probably incur a bigger callout fee compared to a weekday on a standard time.

It is important to remember that no matter how much the cost is, you will be able to save more money in the long run if you hire an emergency plumber.  Mould and rot and water damage as the result of a plumbing problem will let to more repairs than the original issue alone.

Factors That Affect Emergency Plumbing Cost

There are several factors that affect the price of emergency plumbing and each of them must be taken into consideration before you hire a plumber.

  • Ease of access

One factor when it comes to the cost of emergency plumbing is accessibility. The easy to access repairs like leaky tap will be faster to fix than burst pipes under floorboards for instance.

  • Home insurance

Your home insurance may cover the cost of emergency plumbing repairs. Review your policy and its coverage. Depending on the excess, there are instances when paying for the repair yourself will be cheaper. An insurance claim can ease the costs for larger issues.

  • Your chosen tradesperson or company

While there are expected or average fees, the services charges are down to the company or individual you hire to do the job. Bigger companies might charge per job while independent plumbers may have an hourly rate.

Other factors that affect the cost of emergency plumbing in the UK include the specific type of job, the location of the plumber, the specialist equipment required, and the solution implemented.