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How Kitchen Sink Plumbing Works UK

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Several basic elements make up kitchen sink plumbing. The primary parts of kitchen sinks include the pipes for cold water supply, the pipes for hot water supply, the drain and the waste pipes. But as expected, things are a little bit more complex than this. How does your kitchen sink plumbing work, then? (If your sink is leaking then you may need to call in an emergency plumbing company)

What is Under Your Sink?

There are several pieces and parts that make up your kitchen sink plumbing resting right under the sink’s surface. Right under the sink is the rubber gasket followed by a lockout that helps in holding the strainer in its place and connecting this to the tail piece.

The trap comes after these parts and as its name suggests, it is meant to trap those objects that fall into the drain but are not really supposed to travel down the drain. At the bottom part of the trap is the clean out area where you will be able to access the pipe. On the trap’s other side are the pipes connecting it to the system’s drainage portion that eliminates waste.

What’s Inside the Trap?

There are also multiple parts that make up the actual trap itself. Starting with its tail piece, the first part that appears is the inlet that is connected to the trap adapter. The P-trap , trap dip, the trap weir, the seal, the lower dip, and the cleanout often found under the U can all be found in the bottom  portion of the trap or the trap’s part shaped like U. The trap arm and the outlet pipe can be found at the other tip of the trap.

Other Things Involved

If there are other pieces of equipment or appliances in your kitchen that use water, like a fridge ice maker, dishwasher, or garbage disposal, all of these components will typically connect below the sink. If these are installed in a recently built kitchen, several of these connections may be below the flooring with a shut off valve or connector found beneath the sink.

How to Care for Your Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Every time food particles, fat, grease, and other particles travel down the drain, these can easily build up or get caught in the pipe walls. It will help to open the trap since the plumber can use different tools for locating foreign items or clearing away the blockages from there. But, it is a must to ensure that your kitchen plumbing stays in tip top condition. The best thing to do is to limit what you allow to go down the drain and schedule maintenance every year.

The complexity of the kitchen sink plumbing helps ensure that homes in different parts of the UK can have quick and instant access to  hot and cold water any time and every time it is needed. This also makes it sanitary and easy to dispose of waste water. With the help of plumbers, it will be easier for you to keep your kitchen sink plumbing running well at all times.