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Cost of Fitting a Bathroom UK

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Info provided by plumbing company Redditch Prestige Plumbers:

One of the most common forms of home renovations done in the UK is none other than bathroom fitting.

Trying to do this job on your own might help lower the initial costs. However, you have to remember that it can be a very complex process to fit a new bathroom. While it might be a bit more expensive at first to hire a bathroom installation professional, the cost you will pay for will be more than worth it.

Working with the experts give you the assurance that they got the necessary skills and knowledge required for the successful installation of the different bathroom fixtures and elements.

There are three primary factors that may affect the cost of fitting a new bathroom.

  1. The very first and probably the most important one is the overall value of the new bathroom suite that will be installed including the shower, bath, lavatory, and wash basin. This has an average cost of £500 to £2,000.
  2. The cost of installation is the second factor and this primary depends on the specific number of people who will work on the job and how long it will take to complete it. The average cost ranges from £800 to £3,000.
  3. The final consideration is the cost of removal of the old bathroom and tiling as well as the cost of extra items including sealant, towel rails, and taps. This typically costs around £600 to £2,400.

It doesn’t matter if you want a relaxing space for pampering yourself or you just need a useful room perfect for those quick showers after your workouts. You can create a practical and functional area where you can do everything and anything you want.

Bathroom renovations can cover various options including bigger job such as complete bathroom renovation, removal and replacement of an old bathroom suite, new toilet installation or switching out an old basic, underfloor heating installation, or fitting a new thermostatic mixer shower instead of a bath and installing a radiator.

Other Considerations When Fitting a New Bathroom in the UK

Just like other types of home improvement projects, several other factors will affect the total cost you will pay. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom installation since there are various sizes and types of bathrooms, with a variety of elements that will have a direct effect on the overall cost.

Here are other things that will affect the costs of fitting a new bathroom:

  • Any type of electrical work that must be done such as installation of a dual fuel heated rail or power shower
  • Access to plumbing and plumbing work
  • Choice of bathroom suite including size, special features, and others
  • Bathroom size
  • Location
  • Condition and age of the property
  • The need to hire specialists for more complicated installations

It is important to pre-plan the layout of your bathroom. You have to consider the location of the existing waste disposal and pipes. A professional can help relocate most of these but expect that this will further increase the costs.